God I was sick last night ! Had been feeling less than 100% for the entire week already, but that was due to a bad cold: sniffing, sneezing, coughing, generally being the Great Snotty One. That was the reason I cancelled our dinner date with Gwen and Erik, two good friends of ours, on Saturday. On Sunday we went to wimmekepunk and kimmekepunk and played the Lord of the Rings boardgame. Good fun was had, and Wolf was the nicest boy you could imagine.
Didn’t sleep well at night due to the coughing, but hey…
On Monday I did feel worse: head was completely clogged, so I cancelled my dinner date with Faust, my very best friend. I had made reservations in this really good restaurant for his birthday, but alas, had to take a raincheck. Good thing I did: half an hour after I had dinner that Bart cooked for me, I suddenly
started to feel mean ass cramps in my stomach, my entire belly, my bowels. God I felt bad ! Was twitching and spasming and generally doing everything I could think of to make the cramps go away. After a while I started vomiting too, and got diarrhea. Cramps did last though. Even when I drank a glass of water, it would come back out half an hour later. Can you imagine the way I fed the baby ? Bart was at hand, to take him whenever I had to run to the loo.

Luckily this morning it was better, I even managed to get some sleep. Still feeling a bit queasy, but a LOT better than last night. Wonder what it was. Some kind of food poisoning ?

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