My back is killing me. I don’t know what happened or what I did, but yesterday evening my back started hurting. Nothing special, I thought, it would pass. Wrong. I think it must be some kind of hernia, I can barely walk. I can’t sit or lie down or do anything without pain, my back refuses to support me. I had kinda hoped it would be better with a night’s rest, but no go there. Only got worse. We had friends over for coffee and cake in the afternoon (they came to see Wolf) but Bart had to do everything, like set the table, give Wolf a fresh diaper, do the dishes… Luckily I had already made the cake yesterday. Afternoon was nice though, immobile as I was.
Phoned my mom after they left, and she came over (20 mins drive) just to bring me my dad’s waist belt and his walking stick (he has a bad back too), and then left again since she had a concert tonight. It does help a little, but not much. Definitely doctor tomorrow. Sigh. Once more.

Worst is, I can’t even carry my own baby. Bart has to bring him to me when I need to feed him. Makes me feel so useless…

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