Had quite a nice day today, in spite of the fact that Wolf didn’t grant me much sleep last night.

After lunch, I went to this big store to get some baby stuff, like sheets, a brush, etc etc. Suddenly my phone went off, and it turned out to be my mom, who never ever calls on my cell. She wanted me to come over with the baby cos it was such a lovely weather (18°, although the sun wasn’t really shining) for a nice walk, and then a visit to my grandparents who really wanted to see him again. So I hurried home, packed all the stuff and left. Had a nice walk indeed, some nice chats, but I’m really tired right now. A good kind of tired.

Oh, and I’m still losing weight ! I eat like a buffoon though, and lots of sugar too, but breastfeeding is a blessing when it comes to losing weight. As compared to the moment I got pregnant, I lost 13 kilo by now. Looking and feeling good. Just need to get rid of the belly, and I’ll look pretty nice this summer. Oh, and a tan would be kinda cool too 🙂

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