Just returned from the gynaecologist, and the baby is healthy as can be. Still kicking pretty much, and somewhere between 3.5 and 4 kilo by now, with a head of 10 cm. Not a wee boy there :-p

The doc gave me a start though, my heart rate must have gone up by the dozens ! He asked me if I had my bag in the trunk. I said :’God no, why should I ?’ ‘Cos you might go in right now and have the baby by tomorrow’. Eeks ! Not ready for that !
Turned out he was just teasing me, grrr ! Yet there was some earnest in his words: I’m still a bit oedemic, but the iron level in my blood is dangerously low, in spite of all the extra iron pills I have been taking, and I’m anemic too. I’m on the brink of getting a blood transfusion, he said. So now I’m taking double doses of extra iron, and if the baby isn’t early, I have to go in on Wednesday night, to deliver the baby on Thursday. I’m at the end of my reserves, apparently, and it might get worse when I start to breastfeed.

Oh well… Within three days I’ll be a mom ! Sheez !

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