Went to see the otorhinolaryngologist for my nose and ear problems, which have continued now for over 5 months. Although all seemed pretty normal, he listened to my having troubles with underpressure in my ears, and he punctured both my ear drums. Was completely painless, yet I fainted, as I had warned him for and predicted. I hate this Nervus Vagus !!!! Every sudden change of pressure in my body causes me to faint, like drawing blood, getting an injection, even scratching myself or bumping into sth that causes me to have a black spot. Yet when there’s adrenalin involved, it’s no problem, like when I played rugby. Weird…

Then I went grocery shopping, and went looking for little phosphorescent stars for the baby room (which is finished, btw, just need to clean). No luck there, so guys, if any of you (Belgians) finds these little glow-in-the-dark-stars, lemme know !

Gonna heat me some food now (promised Bart I’d eat, it’s a little late though) and crash on the couch with the paper. Tonight my brothers are coming with their gfs for crepes šŸ™‚ After that we’re gonna watch slides from when we were really little, should make a good laugh !

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