Indeed been a while since I last updated. Many things happened, and yet nothing happened.
We went on that weekend in Durbuy (Belgium’s smallest city in a valley surrounded with woods) with my parents-in-law and Koen, Bart’s brother. A good time was had: we stayed in this nice house with a big garden (too bad it was damn cold), much to the delight of our dog. We payed for the lodging, Bart’s parents payed for the food, which was extremely good. Strolled around in the city, took a walk along some menhirs and a dolmen, generally had a good time and lots of fresh air.

The rest of my days are filled with sleep, which I need a lot of, working on the baby room, gathering more stuff, doing the books, playing Asheron, washing the borrowed baby stuff, all kinds of little nothings. Reading the paper is a pretty important thing too :-p

On Sunday we had a formal dinner at Bart’s parents again, with lousy company (his dull far-away-family) but excellent food. Tuesday a week ago I spent on cleaning the house, together with the cleaning lady, since Bart’s mom came in the evening. She only comes like once a year, but always finds things that need to be done/cleaned/fixed/cleared away… She’s a lovely person, but man… This time, apparently, it was the garden that struck her, so Bart’s dad came over yesterday to clean up the pathways and the borders and such. She also took a bunch of shirts that needed ironing, for which I’m very grateful. She’s a very considerate person, but sometimes a little too… interfering.

Last Friday I went for dinner with kimmekepunk and Nathalie, two of my oldest friends, since I’ve known them since secondary school. We don’t meet often, and we really should more, since a most lovely evening was had. I hope I didn’t bore Kim too much with the baby stories, since Nathalie already has two kids and could relate to what I’m going through.
The weekend was nice and easy and very peaceful.

On Monday, I went to see the gynaecologist again. Hmm. The boy is big, already 3.6 kilo (and he should be in there for another 4 weeks), and doing just fine. The bad news is that I’m slowly poisoning myself a little. I gained 2 kilo in a week, all of it fluids. This means I’m developing oedema, and that is not very positive. Blood test and urine test came out well though, so it’s nothing too aggravating yet, but it won’t last long anymore now. I have to go back to the doc on monday, and he’ll probably induce the birth on Thursday or so, since he won’t take the risk that the boy gets too big and won’t pass through the birth canal anymore. And I definitely don’t feel like having a caesarian.

I also developed a terrible itching. Doc says it’s a pregnancy allergy, but completely harmless. Harmless my ass !!! Yesterday morning I woke cos of the itching on the soles of my feet. Can you imagine ? I spent an hour trying to control myself not to rip off my skin. Feels like I’ve been stung by at least 20 mosquitoes, all over my body ! Luckily it got better during the day, so I went to buy sugar beans and little pots (Belgium custom) and went to see my mom. At night though it got worse again. Bart even suggested to get me a pair of mittens, so I couldn’t scratch anymore. This morning it was bearable. I sure hope it won’t get worse again tonight, but I fear the worst. Harmless, yeah right !

Already put the sugar beans in the pots, ready to take them with me to the hospital. Won’t be long now… I asked Bart to post the website of the little guy on my LJ, when he’s born. You’ll know :-p

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