Heh, had a very nice and pleasant Cthulhu session tonight. Of course there was some out game talk and some good laughs, but mostly we were very much in character. We managed to introduce three new characters very elegantly into the party, to set up a new expedition into those maledicted labyrinthic corridors with a very valable reason, and to explore quite a new part of the labyrinth itself. No new clues though, alas.

On another note: exams have started, and I already have the first pile of correction work awaiting, sigh. Alas it’s part of the job too.

Spent the day doing generally nothing much, going with the car to the garage (since Bart’s uncle is taking it out of our hands and we get the ‘old’ car of my father-in-law in return, with an addition of € 2000), stopping by at the hairdresser to get my fringe cut out of my eyes, and spending the rest of the afternoon at Vallery’s, pleasantly chatting away. I just wish my back hadn’t given up on me :-((( Hurts like hell, don’t know what I did to it. I hope it will get better overnight, it’s a hernia, so it might just be that way.

Gonna correct tomorrow, get the car to the ‘state revision’, cook with unterm_galgen and generally do more of the nothingness thing, I suppose. Probably have coffee with the guys in the late afternoon, as usual 🙂

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