God I keep sniffing and sneezing. Students already asked me if I was shareholder of the tissue company…

Yesterday we went to my parents for a delicious lunch, together with my youngest bro and his gf. Don’t know if anything I ate there had gone bad (everything was delicious, had a most enjoyable afternoon) but at night I felt horrible ! Only got better the very moment I had puked out everything again. Slept great.

Work is very tiring these days. The belly is getting in the way, in like a week’s time I’m starting to look and feel like a baby whale. Only 6 months far though now. Kinda scares me for what is yet to come. Went into town with Bart on Saturday, just to buy me some pregnancy clothes. Couldn’t fit into my regular clothes anymore just now. Found some really nice stuff, for a very decent price.

Exams are starting on Wednesday, which will give me more time for myself, and, above all, the occasion to nap whenever I feel like it. Will have tons of corrections to do, but I can do these in my own pace. Will do me good.

On another note: we’re having a baby room with a bright blue ceiling right now. Bart and I painted on Sunday, so I can start on the drawings any time soon. I promise I’ll take pics as soon as it’s completely done šŸ™‚

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