Just showered, so I might just as well write an update while my hair is drying a little.

This week was luckily not as intense as last week. Busy, yes, but less stressed. Last Friday was hell: I was sooooo tired and all things that could go wrong (little things) did go wrong. Murphy had a joyful day. This resulted in my being very short-tempered at school, and crashing on the couch afterwards. At night I had a quiz at school, was actually too tired for it, but hey. Had fun anyway, but came home right away after the end and went to bed.

Saturday was doing general stuff (laundry, correction, bla bla) and a story telling session for Elanor, the Flemish Tolkien Society, at quite a large fantasy/sci fi event (I’d rather call it a merchandise market, but hey). Unfortunately, no story telling cos the organisers hadn’t provided a room for it, as they had promised. Hmmm. Had a nice day anyway. At night we went for dinner at Gwen and Erik, which turned out to be a lovely evening as usual.

Sunday: story telling in the afternoon, this time I DID manage to do some parts, for a small but very dedicated audience. Yes yes, was very fulfilling. John Rhys-Davies, the actor who plays Gimli in Jackson’s Lord of the Rings, turned out to be a very amiable man, with a fondness for tickling poor defenseless hobbits. The pics are nice šŸ™‚ All in all, Sunday was fun and relaxing.

Monday-Tuesday: two hard working days, with an extra class council in the evening, but I survived better than I had hoped for. Yay me. On Tuesday evening, as I was doing the books for Netlash, I had this strange sensation in my belly, which definitely weren’t my bowels ! I was sooooooooo excited !!! Since then I have felt the little one move quite a few times. It usually startles me, but still fills me with lots of joy.

Wednesday: work – grocery shopping – books at my father’s. We ended up in a fight, as usual. Tiring day, but ok.

Thursday: really nice day ! Long lie, and then Faust came over for lunch, which was real nice, as usual too. I cooked an elaborate meal for the three of us :-). I still really like the guy. He helped Bart in getting the couch upstairs. Shouldn’t have been one inch broader, or it wouldn’t have worked. Then I went to the hospital to visit my gran. She’s doing fine, all in all, and already exercising each day with her prothesis. I hope this works out. At night I had game of Nephilim, in which we really did quite a lot. Was fun too :-). Busy, but relaxing day.

Friday: nice day at work, and at night Bart and I went for a meal in a little Italian restaurant, which was really good. We ended the day on the couch, watching the DVD of the Animatrix. Recommendable for all Matrix fans.

Conclusion: me happy girl these days. Life is treating me well.

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