* just had a very thrilling Cthulhu session, which started out real slow, but then turned out to be rather lethal: we lost two of our characters, one being fairly new and having quite a large amount of sanity in the early evening. Too bad both the owners of the characters weren’t around, it really wasn’t our fault, just bad luck. I, on the other hand, was very lucky: in 4 sanity rolls I managed to lose only 7 sanity, where I could have lost multiple times 100.

* had a VERY busy week, nearly crashed on wednesday. The weekend, with all the meetings for that international project, had worn me out, and on Sunday I first went to my parents to buy two pairs of shoes (well, one of them being nice chique boots) in the local shop, and then went for elaborate and very yummy dinner at my parents-in-law. Back home I had to correct some, hence not really a peaceful weekend. Monday I went to teach an entire day, and in the evening went to see the gynaecologist. All is still very much allright with the baby, he/she is growing very nicely and doing just fine. Me happy. We saw the nicest image of the little face…

* On Tuesday, another busy teaching day which really tired me out, and back home I had to leave for the accountant… Discussed the books of the company all evening long, luckily the accountant is my dad… Was dead tired when I got home.

* On Wednesday I came home from school to find our new, very wide, very comfy new couch. I immediately crashed on it and enjoyed it to the fullest. Was a very very wise decision to buy that one šŸ™‚

* Today I had my day off, yet I did a ‘correctathon’, since the rest of the week I didn’t have any time at all to do all my corrections. Then left for the game. Tired again, but satisfied. Had a relaxing evening after all.

Still very happy over the baby – my belly is starting to show, yet the students didn’t notice yet – and over the new couch. Heh šŸ™‚

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