OK, long time no update, I see. Well, let’s get it on with then šŸ™‚

The weekend before last I didn’t do much, actually. Didn’t feel all too great, I’m afraid. Basically some correction and such, played a bit AC, and had a family reunion on Saturday, and then I mean a reunion up to the level of my great-greatgrandmother. Was nice, in a way, but of course tons of new faces.

On Monday I had to teach 7 hours, and then I had -oh joy- a four hour parents night. Non-stop talking, met 33 parents of the first graders, who all wanted to know how splendid their daughter/son was. Of course some parents showed up of students who really had problems, and then it was worth while. But why on earth did some parents wait for over an hour in a queue when their offspring has an A+ ???? Why waste my time and energy too ???? I was completely beat when I got home, crashed on the couch, didn’t move. Same effect alas on Tuesday morning, so I called in sick. Slept nearly all day, guess I needed that.

On Wednesday I still wasn’t feeling too great, still very tired, so I went to teach, but cancelled the Tolkien storytelling session in the afternoon. It really felt like a burden, so I decided not to. At night I felt a little better, so I checked out this new choir, in the near village. They’re not bad at all, but the director made me sing alto, whereas I’m used to sing tenor, and I love that. I suppose a woman singing tenor was too innovative and out of the box. Doubting whether I’ll go tonight. I really don’t like alto.

Thursday: another lazy day, since I seem to have run out of stamina. Completely. Did do some correction and house work, but nothing more. At night we had Cthulhu, which was no short than hilarious ! Somehow we don’t seem to grasp the atmosphere Lovecraft had in mind, but these evenings are always fun. My belly was aching in laughing.

Friday: tough day of teaching: it started to snow, very unexpectedly, and that on a day before a vacation ! No need to tell you the kids went wild. Go me. I managed to survive, and when I got home, I packed some stuff and Bart and I went away for the weekend :-))))))

We stayed in a little hotel with an excellent kitchen in Luxemburg. Just had way too much to eat, saw a great castle which was very impressive, visited Luxemburg City with its casemats, made some walks, had fun and relaxed. Especially relaxed. Did us both well šŸ™‚

Fetched the dog on Monday on our way home: he had stayed with Bart’s parents for the first time, had never been without either one of us for longer than two days, and never out of our own house. Glad everyone survived the experiment that well.
At night an appointment with the gynaecologist, and as stated before, all is very well, and it’s apparently a boy, the doc was very positive about that. Heh. And here we were, thinking it was a girl. Doesn’t matter, as long as it’s a kid, and it’s healthy.

Yesterday my mom came over to help: we stripped the baby room of the wallpaper and plastered a bit where necessary. Had planned on painting most of it today, but just couldn’t get myself in gear. At all. Only washed off the ceiling so far. Need to do some more plastering, I found out. Hmm. Yuck.

Guess that’s it for now. Wanna sleep. Need to plaster and fetch paint. Sigh.

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