Hehe, had a very nice email this morning, which really made my day. A father thanked me for the efforts I had made during the vacation to help his son pass his summer exam. Quote:’ You didn’t have to, yet you did correct his horrible exercises. I had never expected such dedication to eduction, the Latin language and the tutoring of students. You have earned my deepest respect.’
Go me !

Teaching went well too today, bit tired now, but ok.

Yesterday was fun too: my dad had his birthday on thursday, so I did invite my parents and my two brothers with their girlfriends for a meal. We had aperitif, three kinds of mussels (had to clean 8 kilo, yuck), ice cream and then coffee with cake (which of course I had baked myself). Was dead tired afterwards, but satisfied and happy. My beloved Bart did do the entire washing up. God I love that man !

Yep yep, life is going well these days.

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