Finally got me a new cell phone ! Got about time, since the other one has been flawed all summer and was hardy usable anymore. So feel free to call me again, peeps.

Didn’t do much today, apart from teaching before noon. Corrected quite a bit, played some, had a nice hot cocoa (since it’s cold and pouring outside, very autumny), cleaned up the piles of magazines in the toilet. Gonna take it easy for the rest of the evening, light the fireplace and such. With being pregnant, I think I grew calmer. Could be just an idea that I put in my mind tho, but I feel more at ease.

I like being back at work, but I’m definitely not gonna overdo myself. Doubted on Tuesday morning whether I was gonna go or not, since I didn’t feel great at all. Went anyway, glad I did, it worked out fine. I promised myself, Bart, and even most of the colleagues that I wouldn’t wear myself out, or take any risks. Hey, I’ve been known to be in front of my class with quite a fever and such. All the colleagues at school know I’m pregnant now, and man, they’re all so concerned and friendly all of a sudden ! Bloody hypocrits ! Even those who never thought me worthy of a glance, now are all over me and cooing and such. I really have to restrain myself from being rude to their faces, and tell them I don’t like their false behaviour. Oh well…

Still happy girl, I guess.

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