First day at school today, and predictably, I didn’t sleep well. Hmm. Can’t say it was out of sheer excitement, rather anxiousness about ‘am I gonna make it through the day ?’

Didn’t feel great when I got up, and despite the shower and the fact that I forced myself to eat some white cheese, it didn’t get much better. At school at 8.30u, I had to assemble a class full of freshmen: 26 12year olds. Great. Luckily it was a two-person job. When I was waiting in line to make some photocopies a bit later on, I suddenly felt very queasy, and someone told me I was as white as a sheet of paper. It passed in sitting down and breathing.

Yet I talked till 11.00, telling the newly arrived kids what the hell they were intended to do and what not to do, where to be, etc. etc. 10 minutes break in which I had a peach and was told by quite a number of people that I looked pale.

Then I had two of my own classes of new kids: a 50 minutes speech each to tell them what I expected from them in Latin class. Yay, fun.

By then I was so exhausted that I decided I needed a hot meal, despite the fact that I promised Bart to have a sandwich and cook in the evening.
Then two hours of teaching to my fourth graders (16 year olds), which was nice cos I already know them, and I indeed started teaching. Was nice, but tiring too.

All in all I did survive pretty well, I think. Came home round 4, took a long nap on the couch, and by 6.30 Bart came asking what he could prepare for food. Since I had had a hot meal already and wasn’t feeling hungry at all, I offered to make him mussels (as I had them in the house anyway). God, you should have seen his face !!! All radiant and shining, with sparkling eyes :-))) How could I NOT make mussels for that man ? He finished nearly 2 kilo of them, prepared with white wine, cream and dille. I hardly had any, didn’t feel like it.

So tired now, but content. Having a loving man is worth a LOT !

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