Yep yep, had a nice weekend šŸ™‚

Didn’t do much on Saturday during the day, which was all for the best, cos round 7 PM randallsilver and samalla arrived at my place šŸ™‚ We had a drink, picked up Randy’s gf and went to see the fireworks at the beach. There’s this splendid fireworks festival going on there, and I must say, after a slow start the spectacle was quite impressive. Good times were had, but I was exhausted. When we got back here, we just had a drink, sat and talked.
Even though I was completely spent, I hardly slept. Grrr !

On Sunday Sammy and I talked a bit, and when Randall showed up again in the early afternoon, we took the dog for a walk at de Blaarmeersen (local lake-beach-tanning thingy), met up with wimmekepunk and his beloved wife, and when we got back home after an hour or two, I crashed on the couch. God I’m pathetic ! But at least I manage to do stuff and leave the house these days.

Round 5.30 in the afternoon we set out for Den Haag (Netherlands) for a wedding party of two very good friends I met in an online game. We dropped Sammy off at the train station and started our quest for the venue. Turned out the name wasn’t marked on the outside, grrr ! Spent quite a while looking for the place, as the routeplanner only had directed me to the nearest underground parking, and never gave me the exact address.

Company and dinner were both lovely. Just a pity that I didn’t see much of glod and Kirruth, since they were sitting at a different table. Oh well… Was good to see my sweety again though šŸ™‚ Apparently the sleepless night and the activities during the day had worn me out, cos I was feeling awful at moments and had to lie down. Never ate much either. Such a pity… All in all it was a great evening though.

Was so worn out that I couldn’t sleep again last night (had to vomit when we got home, which didn’t make it any easier to sleep either) and I’m sooooo tired now ! Had to go to school this morning, taking exams for those who got a second chance. Had trouble to stay awake, I admit. Came home, slept for two hours, ate something, left for the doc.
All is still very much ok with the baby. 13 weeks now and counting. She’s 7.7 cm long now, and wriggling about on that echo :-p

Happy me.

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