Just what I needed: more crap!

Great ! Just was on the phone with my mom, because I thought she would be at least one person who I could talk to about feeling so sick and weak all the time, and get some support of. Apparently NOT ! She did it before, but I thought it was more of a slip of the tongue, but since she said it again… Thank you mom !
Her words: ‘This being sick all the time, and being on the couch and needing to lie down every half hour, don’t you think that’s a little bizarre ? Everyone I talk to thinks it bizarre… Are you sure it’s not your imagination ? Do you actually even cook anymore ???’

NO mom, I DON’T cook anymore… I’m being hypochondric, I love to lie on the couch all the time, to let Bart do all the work for me, and yes, I’m feeling so great about that ! After all, he’s only working full time, why would I not want him to do the housekeeping too, and the shopping he loathes etc etc ? Nah, it’s not as if I love him, I just like to see him slave over everything.
Oh, and being on the couch ? Isn’t it just LOVELY to lie there and know every TV commercial by heart, to be bored out of my skull, to have tons of plans for this vacation that are still waiting for me to feel at least a bit ok ? Making plans about the baby’s room is after all SO MUCH BETTER than being able to carry them out.
And yes, I already lost 14 pounds just cos I thought that being pregnant would be the ideal moment for a diet.
OF COURSE I cancelled my first holiday in 7 years (in France) cos I enjoyed the attention of being ill. Oh yes, I don’t like to visit my friends, at least now I have a decent excuse to stay home.


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