Heh. Guess I just didn’t feel like updating properly lately.

I’ve had all these troubles with Bart’s appendix, and that kinda ‘ruined’ my Easter holidays. Since I had to cancel on my 5 day trip to Scotland, I could execute all the plans I had had nonetheless :-). The weather was splendid, so I did work in the garden a bit, planted flowers everywhere, especially in the upstairs veranda, finished that damned guest room (but it was worth while, looks good), worked a bit on the Netlash offices, played PC games :-).
Went on a marvellous larp weekend again too, as NPC: I was a very good and very sweet priestess of life all weekend long, and most players didn’t trust me just because I was me *grin*. Needed to get away from things, so that worked just fine.

Had friends over for elaborate dinner too, and I must say, it was a pleasant evening. I like cooking when it’s appreciated. Just too bad all the special black dishes and the crystal need to be washed by hand. Guess the machine spoilt me on that one.

Teaching is going well these days. The kids are still pretty fond of me, I gather. I do make them work hard tho, but they don’t complain. Been to another field trip too, an open air museum of houses and the way of living in our country 100-150 years ago. We were lucky to have nice weather, it was a fine day.

Just worried about one student: she’s 15, and has serious problems. She contacted me over it, and I try to help her out as much as I can, but there’s only so much I can do. I’m not a psychologist or anything. She has serious problems with her parents, who don’t give her love or attention, just materialistic things. She developed a serious drinking problem (yes, at 15) and lately she started to mutilate herself too, slitting open her wrists. I think she’s a good kid tho, and I hope I can help her out. At least she listens to me and takes my advice, and is willing to seek professional help. That is, not the psychiatrists her parents sent her to, cos he’s a twat, and doesn’t know a bloody thing about adolescent behaviour, but one that acts closely with the school and won’t tell everything to her parents, since they’re part of the problem. Sigh.

On another note: rented X-Men yesterday, watched it for the first time at 7, then decided to go and see the second one at 10.30 on opening day. Heh. Second is even better than the first, to my humble opinion.

And a very pleasant thing: Faust probably found a house šŸ™‚ He’s looking into all the formalities of buying it. Decent price too (86.000 euro/dollar), but alas, no garden, so no dog.

Anyway, going to a ‘party’ this afternoon for a colleague who has adopted a little girl from Calcutta and giving this big celebration thing, then going for waffles at my grandmother’s. Brother and his girl will be there too, and my nephew and his wife šŸ™‚ Promises to be a fun evening. Prolly the last time for waffles (it’s an annual event) since she has severe cancer. God I hope she stays with us a long time still. Yet, she’s 81, so…. It would kill my grandfather too: he turned 90 and still lives in the house he was born in. Heh. I really hope Bart and I grow old the way they did. One can still see the love they share. I’m a happy girl.

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