* Bart’s finally doing better šŸ™‚ Till yesterday 3.00 pm he felt awful and sounded like he was gonna die or something: moaning, sighing, nagging… I spent 15 mins there round noon and got all worked up and frustrated. So I decided to go back in the evening before game for like another 15 mins, since I seemed to annoy him anyway. Got a phonecall round 7.30: ‘Hey, honey, where are you ? What’s keeping you ?’ He obviously had come through: sat upright, felt better, even tried to eat sth. Big relief. Felt guilty for not being able to spend more time there yesterday then.

* Cthulhu game was hilarious. I know it’s meant to be creepy and scary, and yes, some of the things we encountered weren’t exactly what I’d like to see on a sunday afternoon, but… Somehow we always manage to screw things up so that they become hilarious. I must admit tho: even tho we made Lovercraft spin in his grave, it was a most enjoyable evening *grin*

* borrowed the first series of Farscape from Wim last week. Somehow managed to watch all 22 episodes in 7 days, cos yesterday I took the second series home. Came home from game by midnight, watched three more episodes while finishing the ironing. Is this addiction dangerous ?

* Gonna go to the larp this weekend after all. Had cancelled on behalf of Bart being ill, but since yesterday it seemed that he wasn’t recovering well at all and had to stay in the hospital for a couple of days more, leaving me behind gritting my teeth and all hug-deprived, I called game crew and asked if my part was still available. Since it was, I said I would go anyway. Now that Bart has recovered so well, I’ll need to come home on Saturday to get him home and installed and everything, and I’ll leave again on Saturday night till sunday afternoon. Am I being a heartless bitch now ? I’ll leave him well-tended, with tons of food in the fridge and a friend checking on him. And it will only be for one night, so he can sleep soundly.

Ok, need to get my butt in gear and do stuff now. Yuck. Don’t feel like doing chores. Can someone lend me a nice leprechaun who will do them for me ?

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