September 11 rant… Don’t read it if you’re easily shocked.

Maybe you can’t understand this, but… A year ago, I sat in front of my television set, my mouth open in horror, all cold, when I saw the towers fall. Yet I felt a very strange sensation, as apparently most of the Europeans did, so it seems afterwards.

I felt so sorry, so at a loss for all those people, and I thought it an outrage, a … Something that you can’t find words for, that is just NOT done.

On the other hand, this crossed my mind: ‘YES ! Finally ! IN YOUR FACE, BUSH ! Finally those arrogant, abusive Americans, open to porn yet so puritan, selfproclaimedly defending the freedom of speech yet censorising everything that is said, mingling in affairs that they should leave alone, refusing to mind the environment as is said in the Kyoto treatise and providing for our children a nearly uninhabitable world, judging other people and killing them for the crimes they do, yet refusing to let Americans stand trial in an international court… Finally those bastards who think they own the world, GOT IT COMING ! They’re not invincible, and finally someone had the guts to let them know !’

I know this sounds horrible… But it is the truth for most Europeans. I don’t claim that Europe is that much better, but just don’t think that the entire world is pitying America. No, we’re pitying the thousands of people that had to die for America to wake up, and after a year to see that that was all in vain. America is dozing off again, after having destroyed many thousand lives more in Afghanistan. Does any of you CARE ??? This might seem harsh, but I pity those in Afghanistan an LOT more. They hate the Americans more than they hated the Taliban. Can you even IMAGINE ???? These people have a good reason. America killed thousands of people more than the ones that got killed on Ground Zero. Problem is: we’re not in Afghanistan, it’s not even close, we don’t need to think about it. Ground Zero we can see, we can feel. We can’t block that from our minds, we lost people there, we HAVE to cope with that, so… We’re shocked. We’re outraged.

Let me tell you… No matter how many ones of you I consider personal friends in the USA, as a country I loathe the States, and everything it stands for. Its self-indulgence makes me sick. Especially when I see that they think they have the right to kill other people. The WTCbombing won’t be the last. I’m really convinced they’re will be more attacks. Untill America sees that they have to start taking other people into account.

Sorry if I have shocked anyone personally with this, I didn’t mean to. It’s just the general view of a damn lot of people here, and I think it might wake some people over there up.

Enough is enough. Let’s stop the war. It’s been enough.

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