Kinda, anyway… I’m not supposed to type a lot, since my arm is hurting like hell. There’s a huge inflammation of the tendon in my right arm, starting at my elbow, but spreaded out already. Been to the orthopaedic on Monday, he gave me an injection with lidocaine, and told me to see a physiotherapist.
Tuesday I went to work normally, tho it did hurt and spoil my mood. My 4th graders knew about that: even tho I had given them a warning not to mess with me, since I had quite a bit of pain, they weren’t completely quiet as I had demanded. I punished the whole class by announcing a test on Friday. Quite a big one.
Wednesday no working for me, but I had to take the car to the garage for new tyres and basic maintenance, so that’s what I did. Had to wait for 1.5 hours, so I took a walk in the drizzle (yet it was hot!) to the mall 20 mins further, bought some Tshirts for Bart, bought myself a nice black hat/cap, walked around, got back. Went to entertain Faust, brought him his coffee, LOL, chatted a little, drove him to his class. So glad he’s taken that up again.
Thursday I started teaching, but quite unexpectedly the fourth hour I had to write on the blackboard for an entire hour (they hadn’t seen a bit of grammar, which I was convinced they had), which wasn’t really ideal for my arm. Man, even tho they were so sweet, wiped the board for me, helped me, it just didn’t work. 5th hour I didn’t do much more than chat with the students, I couldn’t concentrate anymore. Then I had lunch, excused myself, went home and got some painkillers. Phoned the doc again, he prescribed me some anti-inflammatories (had to pick the note up the next day or so). Slept a bit, pain is exhausting. Had a parents’ meeting at 7, so I dressed up for that and went, then went to the Cthulhu session. Was an odd session, we were all acting pretty silly. Fun tho. Randall will tell you what happened.

Friday I decided to give that arm more rest, took more medicine, read a little (is about all I can do, I shouldn’t be here typing either, since that hurts too), went for lunch with Grimlach and Faust. When we arrived after lunch at Faust’s place again, I had to ask for another painkiller. That, the company and the weed did help a bit. At least I wasn’t sweating for pain anymore.

For the rest, I’m bored. There’s nothing for me to do but reading and watching telly, and sleeping. I corrected some little tests last night, but that made my arm hurt a lot too. This typing will result in at least 2 hours complete rest. Sigh…

Opera tonight, free tickets šŸ™‚ Zone Orfeo, a modern adaptation of the Orfeo of Monteverdi. Kinda curious, going with Gwen, my best friend when it comes to girls. She’s a Latin teacher too, and since we both teach the original text of Orpheus, this can be interesting.

Ophi out, hurts too much.

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