Felt like the Boomtown Rats this morning – I don’t like Mondays. It was a very busy day, teaching non stop (or that’s what it felt like, I had a lunch break) from 8.30 till 15.30.
Came home, did some house work, and went to the orthopaedist. I’ve had this nagging pain in my right elbow for like two months, ever since I wore myself out in cutting the hedge. Thought I just pulled sth, and that time would mend it. Quite not so, it only got worse.
He said I have an inflammation on the start of the tendon of my lower arm, told me to give it some rest, and gave me an injection with lidocaine right on the sore spot. Just great. Now I can’t even butter my own bread. Bart’s being a real sweety, taking care of me. Gonna make it an early night anyway, maybe with a painkiller or so. Need to teach first thing in the morning, arm needs to be painless, or at least on a tolerance level.

Oh btw, period was late for like 17 days, I started to hope already, but alas… No natural conception, was very unlikely anyway. Gonna start IVF again in October. Really looking forward again to all the hormones. Sigh… I just can’t wait.

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