Spent yesterday from 18.00 till 21.30 baking two cakes, both an experiment. One is a big tower of profiteroles, covered in merengue… Lots of work, making the profiteroles, filling them with yellow cream, making the construction… Looks fine tho !
I made a fruit cake too, with banana, pear, apple, grape, yellow prune… This one didn’t start out so well, but looks really yummy now !!! I have to finish it later on with roses of whipped cream šŸ™‚
Just made another cake (hey, 9 people, of whom 6 professional cake eaters), one of my standard ones: cocos cake with frosting and cherries on top. Success guaranteed.

Heh, I can’t stand the smell of cakes now anymore, I get sick of it. When I climbed into bed last night, Bart said I smelled of cakes. I’d hate to be a patissier, I think.

Anyway, some more chores coming up before I’m ready for the coffee party this afternoon: ironing my hand-made chair covers, and cleaning the aquarium. Yuck. But it needs to be cleaned, and since they will get into the kitchen, I can’t but do it. Man, tortoises can make that water really dirty !

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