Now that I read thru my friends’ LJs, I remember dreaming about G. Yep,

gothbargod was in my dreams, and he was living here in Belgium. Some people came up to me on a party and asked if I had seen G. I was like: ‘Huh ? He lives in the US, right ?’ So they told me he was from around, but managed to fool me all that time, and I hadn’t recognised him on parties. In real life he wasn’t that hot as he is on pics, they told me. I wouldn’t believe that, and I spent the rest of that party looking for him. Never found him.

G, can you explain this ????

For the rest I’m doing pretty well these days… Still vacation, heh, gotta love a two month summer recess. Measured up the attic yesterday, gonna see for building materials today. It’s gonna be a huge loft, I’ll post pics when it’s done. If it only didn’t cost that much money, sigh.
Need to iron chair covers today, and get the house ready for tomorrow. Cleaning lady is coming round, luckily. Tomorrow will be the day that all the old crones from my family come for coffee, and when I say old crone this time, I mean it.
My gran (91) comes with her sister (88), and they both will be picked up by my other grandfather (89) and my gran (80) and driven here. It’s not that the former two don’t drive cars themselves, but it would be silly not to drive here together. Well, the aunt is coming a long way already by car to her sister. Then two great-aunts from Bart are coming too (91) and (81), but they will be driven here by my mother-in-law (62) cos they think it’s too far to drive themselves.

Last year I did the same thing, and the comment of my gran (91) was great when she left: ‘Heh, I thought it would be boring with all these old people, but it was great fun! Thx.’ Thank God they’re all still very lively and all.

Anyway, gonna need to bake three cakes, I presume. Don’t know which ones yet. I suppose cheesecake with cherries, and a coconut cake… Gonna browse my cakebooks a little šŸ™‚ This is one thing I’m pretty proud of: never has entered a bought cake this house yet, except for once when Bart came home with it as a surprise.


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