Last night, after the game of Nephilim (which was frustrating as usual since we never seem to get on with anything) I finally booked some flights to and from Glasgow !!! Seemed I waited too long to book, since some flights are full already, so I’m heading out to see my love on tuesday 20, and I’m coming back on monday 26, by taking two planes (via London Stantstead). Ugh, I hate flying. Costs me 131 euro all in, so that’s not too bad. Gonna see my love again šŸ™‚

He booked some flights too: he’s coming here for a larp in november, so he’s flying in on thursday and going back home on monday. I just hope I’ll manage to get him to the airport, since I have to work on monday. šŸ™ Hehe, he’s gonna be here for my birthday ! Yay ! Me happy girl !

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