Got a real nice day yesterday ! We had what is called ‘Paedagogical day’ at school: teachers only, no students, and then we usually have a meeting all day, concerning drugs problems, school rules, vandalism on school, ways to deal with homosexuality or deaths or suicides or whatever…
This time our principal decided it was time for some fun: we departed at 7.30 for the Hoge Veluwe, and in particular the beautiful museum there (it’s a nature park near Arnhem, a city in The Netherlands). So before noon we wandered around the museum, saw some Van Gogh, Braque, Gris, Monet, Renoir… Then we had lunch, and then we went cycling. This park has this great feature: free bikes ! They have little white bikes all over the place, and you just grab one, go for a ride, and leave it wherever you want to be. We took a bike from the museum to the restaurant, and then we went for a ride of about 26 km. Was big fun, and the weather was so fantastic: 25° C, bright sunshine, light breeze… We all got a tan, heh. On our three hour drive back, the principal produced wine, beer, water, crisps… Everyone ended up singing aloud, LOL, really a school trip ! Was big fun, yep. And you know what is so nice about it ? We all got paid to do that :-))))

Today I went for a new lawn mower, since the old one is broke and the grass is about a meter high (it’s a shame!) and I finally found some black fringes for my banner. Yay !!!

Leaving about now for the movies, no, not Star Wars yet (queues are way too long, no numbered seats) but Grosvenor Park, the Altman film.

Generally one could say I’m doing fine these days…

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