Yep, just had Faust on the phone, and yes… He said the concert on saturday was lousy ! He went pretty late in the afternoon, and it turned out Funker Vogt just sucked ! He’s a pretty big fan of them, so if he claims he didn’t like the concert at all… There was so little atmosphere, so little vibe, only such lame persons, that they even left before Deien Lakaien and Goethes Erben. Since he told me he really wanted to see those, it must have been pretty horrible. Heh… Glad I didn’t spend my money on it indeed, and that I didn’t feel too lousy about cancelling it.

Just wanted to let you know this, it’s a hell of a busy week, so a positive note is always welcome !

Right now I just wish: Coyote to feel at home at his new place, Jolefay to find an excellent room mate, Morganna to make up with her mother, Bluey to get more sleep, Randall to be happy with his love, Glod to love me, Ecola to see a splendid movie or two, Kai to have an excellent time in NY, and all of you: to be happy !!!

Still feeling ok… busy, but ok !

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