Mmmmm, vacation !!! All I did since friday, when I picked up my Scots love, was: saturday: pick up an English friend at the airport, hang in the sofas, talk… Sunday: sleep late, go to the Rugby Easter tournament, hang around in Gent, have ice cream, drink beer, talk, sleep. Monday: sleep late, hang around in Brugge, have ice cream, have a drink, talk, get back home, sleep. Tuesday: sleep late, wait for a friend of Holland to arrive, lunch, hang around in Gent, have ice cream, have a beer, talk, play Cthulhu, sleep. Today: bring the English girl back to the airport, hang around in Brussels, have ice cream, just enjoy the company of my Scots love, ….
And all of this in a lovely summer weather, over 20� Celcius here, bright blue sky, sun all over, for like 10 days now… Mmmmmmm….
Needless to say I like vacation ?

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