It’s weird, sometimes I like dinners a lot, sometimes I hate them. And then I mean those elaborate dinners at family or friends. Take yesterday: we had two friends over for dinner. I made scampi flamb� in Ricard and cream, then wild feasant (or however you write it) in a rich sauce of french cheese, a variety of mushrooms and cream, served with Belgian chicory, and a chinese dessert with lychees. Didn’t take me so long to make it, and a lucky thing that is, cos I went storytelling in the afternoon for Randall (he became a TV star), but I had a most enjoyable evening, even tho the house is still littered with dirty dishes now. But in a couple of hours we have to attend a formal dinner party at my parents-in-law, with half of the family whom I can’t stand, and I’m really not looking forward to it. I know the food will be delicious (my mother in law is a wonderful cook) en it will all be very posh, and the only thing I’ll have to do is just sit there, but… Can’t say I look forward to it.

How do other people actually feel towards those kind of formal family dinners ? Or towards dinners with your friends (and I don’t mean a spaghetti or stuff) which take all night ? I mean the thing with the fancy plates, with the silver cutlery and the crystal glasses, candles everywhere, fancy napkins… I tend to like it, with friends. Not with family. Is it such an ordeal for everyone, or is it just me again ?

Please tell me ?

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