Yes, vacation is over. Can’t say it was the best I ever had tho. First of all I hate the holidays and the compulsory happiness, and man, those carols got on my nerves !
My parents and in-laws came for dinner on Xmas eve, and that was fairly allright, but dinner the next day was hell: bad food, bad company. And then I got ill… Sniffing, sneezing, fever, coughing, generally feeling lousy. The only ever so nice thing was the fact that my Scots love came over, and that felt sooooo good ! We didn’t do much tho, mainly due to the fact that I wasn’t feeling well. Then NYE was allright too, but the next day, those family visits… Hmmm… And then, after I had more or less gotten the better of my flu virus, my PC became infected with a major virus as well that wiped my Windows, so I spent the rest of my vacation trying to set up my system again.
It’s allright by now, but now I’m back to work as well. Back to the old routine of getting up early, teaching, shopping for groceries, doing stuff around the house, make preparations and corrections…

Heh… Just my luck that I really really like my job. In fifth grade we started today with Love Poetry, which is soo nice to teach. Even when I’m feeling particularly cranky, after such a class I feel completely refreshed. Mmmm, Catullus, Ovidius, Horatius… Some Sappho from time to time… And then 3rd grade: the Metamorphoses, really nice as well.

People sometimes ask me why I’m a Latin teacher. I just can’t explain. After all those years I’m still in love with the language, and I LLLLLLLLove to teach 17year olds how to look upon a dead language as being really alive. Heh, the mere beauty of a Latin poem, the dephts of the feelings… I can’t explain. But as my students say: ‘Miss, when we see the sparkle in your eyes when you talk about Latin, we know enough. You love Latin ! You’re stark raving mad ! And we like it !’

Guess life can be okay sometimes.

Oh, and Les ? Love you !

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