Does anyone of you ever have a fight over a pizza ??? Cos I just did and I hate it !

Bart and I went out for coffee, as we always do on friday afternoon with our friends, and we had agreed on taking a snack somewhere before heading to the concert tonight (Rubio String Quartet and Patrick Riguelle, performing ‘The Juliet Letters’ of Elvis Costello, yummie). Eventually he didn’t feel like it, and wanted to come home for a pizza. I can’t help it if he ate all the pizzas last week. There was only one left… Man, he started shouting at me, that he hadn’t eaten anything yet today (neither have I) and that one shared pizza wasn’t enough, and that he was going out for fries then. He didn’t even listen to me saying that my stomach was a little upset (heh, strong coffee on an empty stomach with ulcers: bad idea :-p) so now we’re both annoyed, and I put the bloody pizza back in the freezer. Man, I can hate men sometimes !

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