Heh. My mood has cleared up a bit. The concert I just saw was really good, I must admit. I knew the Rubio Quartet was allright, as they are friends of my parents and I knew them. The singer was good, that I knew too. And I don’t think Elvis Costello still needs a recommendation. The combo just HAD to be allright, and yes, it was. Some splendid music, really good artists, and heh, a good talk with them afterwards. Pity I still feel a bit annoyed tho. But read this text, and see what I mean.

‘Dear Sweet Filthy World’

Dear sweet filthy world, my wife or whoever reads this
I think that I’ve lived too long
With all of my promise unfullfilled
But there is a veil drawn over all of that

I know you’ll probably say ‘Spare us the melodrama’
‘I don’t know how he chose the pills or the stupid revolver’
I’m out of luck

I’m not that strong
My hands, your neck
I might have wrung

Don’t try to find me
I’m not worth anything anymore
I’m not leaving you with all of your problems
The biggest one is me

Life is dark
Cold as the sea
Embrace me in my anguish
Put seawood in my hair and vow that you won’t cry because I’ve gone
I can’t go on, I can’t go on, I can’t go on
I must close now

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