Heh… So this is it, my very own live journal…

Still don’t know if I’ll be using it very often, but I somehow felt the need of writing down a kind of diary… And as I completely hate to write by hand, what can be handier than a computerized version ? Somehow I don’t dare to share my innermost thoughts with someone else I know than my husband, my lover and my very best friend, the three men in my life… But as the ones who’ll be reading this, will be netfriends, I guess I can open up a little more. Yes Randall, you’ll be the exception, but I know I can trust you, so that doesn’t matter to me. You know pretty much about me anyway.


Is pretty weird tho. Guess I need to get used to the idea as well. It was Coyote tho who made me feel the need for sth like this. He gave me his lj addy a couple of weeks ago, and one of his entries really touched me. Coyote, somehow I consider you a really good friend, and I hardly see you on line, we don’t often talk, and we haven’t even met yet. And yet… I think you’re just a kindred soul. I just feel at ease with you, and you seem to understand me as well… Thx Sparkling-Eyes !

Guess I’ll leave it to this for tonight… Bit tired, and my neck has been hurting for days, something is really wrong there, but they can’t find a thing on the Xrays…

Thx for reading this, guys, and for adding me… you’ll be hearing of me soon !!!


P.S. Guys… Guess you all know this is gonna be pretty confidential ?

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