I lost my job. Well, kinda… Lemme explain.

A job as a teacher is never very certain (classes can grow, or disappear), as long as you don’t have a real contract. You have to go thru a procedure for that, teach for at least 3 years, and another number of requirements.

I don’t have such a contract yet, so each year I don’t know if I’ll have a job in September. (recess is July and August). By now, after 8 years of teaching, I do have some rights, but still others have priority. I have been teaching in this particular school for 5 years now, decorated (with large paintings on the walls and windows) my classroom, made a lot of friends, took care of the school mag, played school photographer on all kinds of occasions…

But now this other person has come up, and since she’s prior to me, she takes up all my hours. No more work at MY school… They’ll try and place me in another school in the area (this I have a right to, since I’m prior in the area school group). Still it’s not the same. New school, new management, new rules, new colleagues, prolly new subjects to teach. OK, I’ll have an income, that I’m sure of. But I don’t have to like this.

Leaving for Scotland tomorrow (gonna see my love, YAY!) and only coming back on Monday, so I presume on Tuesday I’ll know what school I’ll be working in the next Monday.

Happy happy joy joy. Sigh.

It’s too hot to go outside, or go shopping, like I and Jurryt intended, so I might as well sit in my office and update, no ?

Wednesday was really really nice ! We (Faust and I) left here at 7, picked up my mom, picked up his mom at 8, and drove on, straight to Paris ! By 11 we were parked in La Défense, the Manhattan of Paris. Great flashy buildings, steel blue sky, lots of sun (was a bit too hot to be good, actually) so we wandered around a bit, Sonja took a lot of pics, was nice. At 12.30 we drove to the centre, all along the Champs Elysées, passing by the Arc de Triomphe, the Place de la Concorde, made a little detour to see the Dôme des Invalides, parked near le Pont Neuf, right in the centre ! Went for lunch in a little bistro, wasn’t too great :-(. The waiter was yummy tho, and eyeing me all the time. When we left, he whispered as I passed by ‘I want to meet you’ in this funny French accent. I laughed, shook my head, and continued. Felt good 🙂 !
Then we went to see Les Halles and the St-Eustache church, continued to Centre Pompidou, made our way to Place des Vosges (and a van with three guys in it stopped along the road, causing a little jam, just to wave at me and tell me that I was beautiful. Heh, guess the French like blond/redheads who are dressed in black and not exactly thin), and eventually returned to our car, by walking along the Seine over both islands and paying a visit to the Notre Dame Cathedral. Had another drink there, too bad drinks are that expensive in France. A gorgeous guy passed by, and looked me in the eyes. I couldn’t help but smiling, and pointed him out to my company, as he walked on. When they all looked at him, he elbowed his friend, said sth about me, and they both turned round to take a look… LOL ! Made me blush, especially when he blew me a kiss, and walked on. Then (19.00) we walked up to the Louvre, but by then Sonja’s feet were all painful and sore, so just my mom and me continued through a bit of the Tuileries, and ended up in the Palais Royal. We saw a lot, and we enjoyed the day a lot. Faust decided that Paris was way too Neoclassical for him, and that he didn’t necessarily wanted to go back.

Got home by 1.00, chatted a little (thx Dacey for the nice chat) and went to bed by 4. A day well spent.

Got up on Thursday (national holiday) round noon, only to get a phonecall of my dad that we couldn’t meet in the afternoon because my aunt invited him to a barbecue at 12.30. My reaction: ‘Heh, haven’t had a BBQ all summer yet’, so he told me to come too. I declined, as I don’t crash into parties or BBQs when I’m not invited. He called me back 2 minutes later, saying that my uncled stated that he had too much food and too little people, so off we went in the blistering heat to a real nice BBQ with family. Not bad.

At night I had promised Faust to go to his place, and whereas I had expected to be the only one there, he had prepared a surprise for me, by inviting all the people I often spent evenings with at his place a couple of years ago. Lost them a bit out of sight, but they came that evening, so it turned out to be a very nice evening, lots of talking, laughing, drinking ice tea, and smoking tons of weed. But first I had to shave Faust’s neck a little, millimeter Jurryt’s hair again, and do Frank’s… LOL ! Glad I wasn’t too stoned then yet, I wonder what bizarre hair styles they would have had now :-p

Friday I just slept long, went for groceries, met up with Faust, Jurryt, Dirk, Ilse and of course Bart for coffee (as it was Friday) in the afternoon in this fancy coffee house, then had a delicious dinner there on the terrace, and then decided to bug Pumuky.

He had locked up himself in his appartment since he got home Tuesday, not answering my mails or Randall’s SMSs and mails, so I decided to go and kidnap him. Gave him some time to get decent shoes on, and off we went to the Ghent Birds’ Reservate. Took a little walk and a long talk. It didn’t diminish his pain, or made him feel better, but at least he understands a little now, and he’s prepared to come out of his isolation, as he sees now that that isn’t a solution. Glad.

Today’s too hot to do much. Dunno what I’ll do. I’ll think of sth, I’m sure.

Hehe, looking fwd to go to Paris tomorrow ! Me, my mum, Faust and his mum are going by car, it’s actually only 2.5 hours drive, but never did it before. Not that I haven’t been in Paris before, only not by car. Did it once by motorbike, loved that 🙂 . God I miss my bike !!! Saving up now for a new one, but it takes ages 🙁

Today was a very fruitful day, I daresay. At 8 am the carpenters came to fit in a stairway to our new 2nd floor. Man it looks good ! So happy about it, Bart really needs his office up there. Since we didn’t need the large ladder up there anymore, I took it out and started cleaning the gutter up there, and managed to clear away a huge dead plant that had grown all along the water spout into the gutter. Heh, slash and kill !
Then my father came round to explain me more about his book keeping program. Since the new company started, I’m officially its bookkeeper, even tho I don’t know much about it. The program is really nice tho, once you get the basics of it. Glad he did explain a bunch.

At noon, Bart came home as well, so we had bread and started in the garden. He mowed the lawn (actually without grass, mostly dandelions), repaired that gutter, and did all kinda stuff. Odd for him to be outside. I managed to finish the rose perk, have a big circle (2.5 diameter) around a white stemmed rose, filled with wood chips. Looks nice. Finally sth that looks decent in my garden. I hope the dog won’t ruin it, just like he ruins the rest of the so-called garden…

Tired here now, but happy. Another day well spent 🙂

On Saturday evening, I went with my parents to this special music event: in this awesome castle garden (big ponds, lanes, hedges…) a number of orchestras, ensembles, choirs, musicians were playing all sorts of music by Mozart, at different times, 4 times that night. We wandered around a bit, listened to a sonata for violin and piano, attended a performance of the Crowning Mass, heard bits and pieces (as we walked along a dark, candle lit lane) of the Requiem, and finally ended up at Scene II of Cosi Fan Tutte. All was very beautiful, and the only lights were provided by candles and torches, except on the stages of course. At 11.30 there were really nice fireworks over the main pond, set on music. Was an adorable night out.

Sunday I slept long, and then did some more sawing and cleaned up the garage (finally !), and did some garden work as well.

Today I slept long again and started in the garden, clean out a rose perk, put up a little wooden fence around it, dug a lot, and need to continue tomorrow. Kinda beat now.

All in all, peace of mind is what this gives me, and I like it. Still happy girl here.

Last night, after the game of Nephilim (which was frustrating as usual since we never seem to get on with anything) I finally booked some flights to and from Glasgow !!! Seemed I waited too long to book, since some flights are full already, so I’m heading out to see my love on tuesday 20, and I’m coming back on monday 26, by taking two planes (via London Stantstead). Ugh, I hate flying. Costs me 131 euro all in, so that’s not too bad. Gonna see my love again 🙂

He booked some flights too: he’s coming here for a larp in november, so he’s flying in on thursday and going back home on monday. I just hope I’ll manage to get him to the airport, since I have to work on monday. 🙁 Hehe, he’s gonna be here for my birthday ! Yay ! Me happy girl !

Spent yesterday from 18.00 till 21.30 baking two cakes, both an experiment. One is a big tower of profiteroles, covered in merengue… Lots of work, making the profiteroles, filling them with yellow cream, making the construction… Looks fine tho !
I made a fruit cake too, with banana, pear, apple, grape, yellow prune… This one didn’t start out so well, but looks really yummy now !!! I have to finish it later on with roses of whipped cream 🙂
Just made another cake (hey, 9 people, of whom 6 professional cake eaters), one of my standard ones: cocos cake with frosting and cherries on top. Success guaranteed.

Heh, I can’t stand the smell of cakes now anymore, I get sick of it. When I climbed into bed last night, Bart said I smelled of cakes. I’d hate to be a patissier, I think.

Anyway, some more chores coming up before I’m ready for the coffee party this afternoon: ironing my hand-made chair covers, and cleaning the aquarium. Yuck. But it needs to be cleaned, and since they will get into the kitchen, I can’t but do it. Man, tortoises can make that water really dirty !


Now that I read thru my friends’ LJs, I remember dreaming about G. Yep,

gothbargod was in my dreams, and he was living here in Belgium. Some people came up to me on a party and asked if I had seen G. I was like: ‘Huh ? He lives in the US, right ?’ So they told me he was from around, but managed to fool me all that time, and I hadn’t recognised him on parties. In real life he wasn’t that hot as he is on pics, they told me. I wouldn’t believe that, and I spent the rest of that party looking for him. Never found him.

G, can you explain this ????

For the rest I’m doing pretty well these days… Still vacation, heh, gotta love a two month summer recess. Measured up the attic yesterday, gonna see for building materials today. It’s gonna be a huge loft, I’ll post pics when it’s done. If it only didn’t cost that much money, sigh.
Need to iron chair covers today, and get the house ready for tomorrow. Cleaning lady is coming round, luckily. Tomorrow will be the day that all the old crones from my family come for coffee, and when I say old crone this time, I mean it.
My gran (91) comes with her sister (88), and they both will be picked up by my other grandfather (89) and my gran (80) and driven here. It’s not that the former two don’t drive cars themselves, but it would be silly not to drive here together. Well, the aunt is coming a long way already by car to her sister. Then two great-aunts from Bart are coming too (91) and (81), but they will be driven here by my mother-in-law (62) cos they think it’s too far to drive themselves.

Last year I did the same thing, and the comment of my gran (91) was great when she left: ‘Heh, I thought it would be boring with all these old people, but it was great fun! Thx.’ Thank God they’re all still very lively and all.

Anyway, gonna need to bake three cakes, I presume. Don’t know which ones yet. I suppose cheesecake with cherries, and a coconut cake… Gonna browse my cakebooks a little 🙂 This is one thing I’m pretty proud of: never has entered a bought cake this house yet, except for once when Bart came home with it as a surprise.


I positively hate this weather !!! Been raining for days now, I pity the parents with little children. I can’t even take the parasol inside, cos it doesn’t stop raining long enough for it to dry up. The gutters on the roof definitely need cleaning, but not gonna do that either in the rain, too slippery. And my little garden doesn’t have any flowers left since the rain all took them down 🙁

I so want some sunshine !!!! And please not again a bloody heatwave like the last bit of good weather we had…

Heh, feeling content these days.

Had a great Cthulhu session on thursday, was kinda weird again, but very intense. We lost another party member tho 🙁 Couldn’t be helped, was an instant death trap. Didn’t realize our GM was using them. Anyway, with some help of my hubbie the PHP magician, I did make a little website for our logs. Most of it is Dutch tho, the handouts are in English. Feel like checking it out ? You can comment on it here, if you feel I could do better. http://netlash.com/masks He made it so easy for me: all I have to do is type in the texts, scan the pics, I don’t even need an FTP client anymore. Never asked for that site either, he just told me to take a look at what he had made me, and if I felt like using it, adopting colours and styles… Nice surprise !!!

The rest of yesterday and friday was pretty uneventful: did some work for my bro, and yesterday Faust had promised to stop by, but had fallen asleep on his couch. He’s gonna try and stop by today then, LOL. THat is if he doesn’t fall asleep again 🙂

Day started out pretty well too: everythingzen25 had this great post, made me laugh. Too bad I can’t reply on it, since I’m not in his friends’ list. Heh, no biggie. Weird thing is that I know Brac in a completely different way. Really had some good talks with him back in the old days. He even knows things about me that nearly no one knows, and he keeps them a secret, as I asked. Too bad I see he behaves like such an ass these days.

Went to get the trash out (cleaning my freezer, yuck) and I found a post package… Amazon, so books, but on my name ???
Turned out to be Tolkien’s Unfinished Tales and The Silmarillion, both in the black versions I have of LOTR and The Hobbit…

Glod, you’re a sweety !! You know you really shouldn’t have, but you know it brought a huge smile to my face !!!!

LOL I keep getting surprise gifts from my sweeties !!! Black roses from Faust, black books from my love, and evening walks from my hubbie :-)))

Aren’t I a lucky girl ???