Net nog naar mijn ma gebeld in Peru. Die zit 5 weken daar om in een vrijwilligersproject mee te draaien als tandarts. Ben jaloers, vind het een hele prestatie op haar 61.

Ik heb haar gebeld tijdens haar middageten, en blij dat ze was ! Vorig jaar was de luxe van een telefoon daar nog niet, en kon ze al helemaal niet bereikt worden. Internet is nog een beetje teveel gevraagd, daarvoor moet ze naar beneden naar het dorp, waar ze een uur internet krijgt voor ongeveer 10 frank.

Ik heb haar bezworen dat ze Skype moest gebruiken, want “ja, Annelies zat daar toch wel tegen haar computer te babbelen zeker ! En er is ook een webcam, maar daar weet ik helemaal niks van !” “Ma, vraag aan Annelies om ne keer uit te leggen hoe ze dat gebruikt, en ik zorg dat ik de software ook heb als het geen Skype is, en dan kunnen we ongelimiteerd kletsen als ge dat wilt.” “Ja… ik zal dat doen, ja.”

Heb dan maar naar ons pa gebeld en naar oma, kwestie van die mensen ook te laten weten dat ze net gedaan had met eten, al naar de markt geweest was gisteren, en dat ze deze voormiddag (was daar nog maar middag) al verschrikkelijk veel werk had gehad. En dat het haar daar aanstond en dat het er niet eens warm was, maar dat ze geen lokale truien kon kopen omdat ze die stekwol niet kan verdragen, maar dat ze zelf maar één vestje meehad en geen truien en dat ze dan maar haar lap heeft gebruikt.

En daar hangt ne mens dan zijn geld aan :-p

Maar we zien ze graag hoor !


LOL ik denk dat ik voornamelijk over mijn werk (leerkracht Latijn), mijn leerlingen en andere idioten op de wereld ga praten.

Anyway, ik krijg er de kriebels van als ze op ’t werk niet doen wat ze moeten doen. Pas op, ik ben de eerste om toe te geven dat ik lang niet altijd in orde ben, dat ik een pak stipter zou moeten zijn ’s morgens (eigenlijk gewoon in ’t algemeen) en dat mijn administratie een hopeloze lost case is. Maar er is niemand van ons die graag toezicht doet. In veel scholen zijn er daar opvoeders voor. Bij ons mogen we per week een uur toezicht doen. God ja, we gaan er niet dood van, het maakt deel uit van ons takenpakket. Maar als zo’n jonge snotter van wiskunde vindt dat hij dat niet hoeft te doen, en dus leerlingen voor een gesloten deur laat staan als ze in hun lockers willen, dan krijg ik het. Ik heb dan maar, goeie ziel als ik ben, de deur opengedaan en hen binnengelaten. Meteen hebben ze een vrijgeleide om in de gangen te gaan rondlopen en allerhande stommiteiten uit te steken, want ik heb toezicht aan de andere kant van de speelplaats. Ik sta daar ook niet voor mijn plezier te koekeloeren, leerlingen arrest te geven wegens afval op de grond en ze van de tafels naar de banken te jagen. Dat hij verdomme zijn werk doet ! Grmbl !

Eigen blog

Ik heb wel een blog op, maar dit is toch iets anders. Dat LJ is meer bedoeld naar internationale vrienden toe, dit gaat meer om… tsja, persoonlijke ergernisjes en ergernissen voornamelijk. Dan hoeft Bart niet meer altijd de schietschijf te zijn, als ik het ergens lastig mee heb.

Arme jongen. Hij heeft het zo al lastig genoeg :-p

New year’s eve

Our New Year’s Eve wasn’t all that grand or spectacular, with Bart being ill and all. I even feared for a while that we were going to have to cancel. On Friday he did feel a bit better, but on Saturday his sickness took a bad turn again. He stayed in bed – read: on the couch – for most of the day, and I did call the doctor round 3 PM. She finally arrived round 6.30, and stated it was a very bad case of sinusitis, with a touch of otitis and laryngitis. No fun, really. He finally got some antibiotics prescribed, and he pulled himself together to go to my cousin, his wife and their three lovely daughters, who are very fond of Wolf. The eldest is 5.5 years old, the second 4, and the third like 6 months :-p Wolf enjoyed it immensely, before they all went to bed.

We had caviar and other hors d’oeuvres on toast, then some Coquilles Saint-Jacques in a very nice sauce, and then I prepared lobster, with fresh tagliatelli and salad. Luckily the poor creatures had already been boiled, so no need for me to boil them alive or anything. I just had to cut them, and prepare them with a very nice vanilla butter. Yes, seems odd, but is very tasty, and not too heavy. We all enjoyed the lobster very much, struggled a bit with the pincers, and ended with a home made tiramisu. Bart felt quite well till after the lobster, but then started to feel queezy again, and fell asleep on the couch. No midnight kiss for me :-p

All in all we had a very nice night, and a very quiet January 1st, with Bart mostly on the couch again.

ANd now Wolf is with Bart’s parents, and Bart is out for business lunch, so it’s all me by myself here, and that’s been a while. Bart’s away in the evening too, and I still don’t know what I’ll do.


(van livejournal)

Oh it started snowing allright.

Went to the supermarket, dry skies, came out, there was 5 cm of snow ! Had to park the car outside because the garage is still full of boxes with calendars for one of our clients, had trouble installing the frost shield: it kept snowing that hard !

Glad I didn’t go at my parents to collect Wolf: he’s staying there another night cos they both like it so much :-p And that way Bart can be at ease, as he’s still pretty ill. Starting to think I’ll get ill too. Hope not, keeping fingers crossed.


Joy !

Tonight we’re having our parents over for Christmasdinner, and Bart is ill. He has been sleeping on the couch all day now, and doesn’t even wake when Wolf is playing and shouting.
We already did a large part of the shopping, and the Colruyt wasn’t even busier than usual. Yet, I still have to confront the Delhaize for some minor stuff – and usual that one is extremely busy 🙁 Still need to fetch all the vegetables and the meat for tonight: we’re having gourmet. Luckily I did order the meat, so that won’t be a problem. And then I have to set the table and all that stuff, and make the hors-d’oeuvres and the dips.

Luckily the cleaning lady came round this morning, so the house is spotless again, and I don’t have to take care of that. And I did wrap the gifts this morning as well. Did buy a puzzle a couple of days ago (the School of Philosophers, hence I like it a lot) and wrapped it as a gift for myself, so Bart can give it to me. That way I will have a present too 🙂

Guess I’ll better continue, or I won’t be ready at all. Don’t feel like hurrying.

My mom’s back from Peru, and she’s fine. Tired, but fine. She had to work an awful lot and she injured her leg quite badly, but it’s healing up just nicely.

She bought Wolf a very nice pullover with matching bonnet, gloves and socks, all very bright. I got this typical Peruvian hat, black filt, just the way I like it 🙂 She just knows me too well.

And I already know what my gift from Bart is too: some really nice heating socks: you can fill up the sole with cherry pits that should be heated in the microwave. Guess he’s just sick and tired of always warming up my icy feet in bed :-p

Too bad there wasn’t enough time left today after grocery shopping to go and have coffee at Faust’s place. Would have been so nice. He already got his present a while ago: an authentic (or it looks that way anyway) flail I found in the second hand shop. Some other friends are very jealous of it.

On another note: Wolf is still ill. He had quite a high temperature again, being 39.6° once more. Antibiotics aren’t properly kicking in yet. He was so tired, poor hon. He layed down his head on my chest, holding on to me, and making these soft little noises. God I love that little one dearly !

Now I have some packages to make, so I can send them out tomorrow.

New rug

Since Catullus found it amusing last week to gnaw on the rug, I had to buy a new one, and today I did.

Spent 155 euro on the big rug and a wee one for the dog to sleep on. When Wolf came home, he was overly enthusiastic about them, trotting and jumping on them… Decided to take a picture of it, as you can see.

Oh, and big note to self: READ THE FUCKING MANUAL before using a tool ! My Dyson vacuum thingy didn’t work properly anymore, kinda lost its suction, which the Dyson is famous for not to. Already checked the warranty but that one expired, so started reading the manual. Hmm. After 2.5 years, finally washed the big pre-motor filter which needs to be washed at least every six months. Dust came off in large chunks, and believe me, chunks of dust DO exist ! Anyway, I hope it will be okay now, cos I really love the Dyson.

Gonna continue compiling my exams. Ugh. Hate it. Thoroughly. With a vengeance.


Know what I just found ? My frigging combat boots ! Been looking for them for like a year or so, and been nagging about them for about the same amount of time ! Thought they were stolen, have played like three LARPS without them since.

I just went to our bedroom to fetch some comics, and I wonder what the plastic bag in one of the (yet) empty compartments is, since I just noticed the surplus books in another compartment. Thought they were in said bag. So I open the bag: my combats ! Yay !!!! Finally !! The cleaning lady put them there, since there was space anyway, and that way she could clean the floors more easily. Grr.

Anyway, me happy for having them back !

Feeling quite accomplished today anyway:
– slept quite long (8.30)
– got myself and Wolf ready, had breakfast
– finished compiling another exam
– found a nice rug (“No ! Really ??? You should have told us about that !”)
– cooked
– finally got to copy the exams for tomorrow (machine had been broken for several days, much to my annoyance, irritation and frustration)
– set up the Chrismas tree
– got several other chores done, like hanging up a mirror, cleaning up papers…
– started compiling the Greek exam too (and hating it. “No ! Really ??? You…” “Yeah shut up already!”
– lost about a litre of fluids by sneezing, blowing my nose, sniffing and coughing.

Yep yep. Happy me (except for the cold “Well duh !” )


Had a barbecue last night. Yep, that’s right, a midwinter barbecue 🙂

We really needed a get-together with our LARP barbarian tribe to clear out some issues and resolve some problems. So we decided to make it a barbarbecue in the large garden of one of the guys, who often does medieval reenactment too. He had set up this big medieval tent for the guys to sleep in (I didn’t stay the night, getting too old for that, and I still wanted to be home with Wolf and Bart before noon as well) some big shelters to bbq under (two big sets, and an awful lot of bread and vegetables) and a large shelter above a wood fire, with a lot of benches and trunks around it to sit on. We all dressed up as our LARP characters, which is with a lot of fur and leather. No being cold at all ! The whole thing was in character, and I loved every second of it.

When we arrived, the others had already been sitting and drinking for like two hours and there was a very fine atmosphere. I didn’t think we’d manage to get a serious conversation going about the spirits and all the related issues, but after the food, we somehow got talking anyway, and we talked and discussed (with a plank: only who got the plank, got to speak) for like three hours.

It really made my day, and we finally felt like one big clan again. So happy we’re getting along once more 🙂

Happy me 🙂