My brother’s wedding

Part one of the wedding was yesterday, and yes, I made it alive. I wasn’t so sure of that, because when Friday I wanted to iron our clothes, I sprained my back, once again.

I have been sitting quite a lot, walking all lopsided and crooked, but in the end I even managed to dance a little with my brother.

The outfit was a stunning success: I got an awful lot of compliments, especially about the hat. Pictures later, since I didn’t take any myself, and I have to wait for the photographer to send some. All in all I spent 538 euro on it, and I’m glad I did (her sister-in-law’s outfit was 1700 euro (yes, cuckoo !) and not looking any better than mine).

A fine day was had, with a beautiful ceremony, a nice but long reception, quite a nice dinner, and a splendid party ! Had to leave round 2.30 though, since my back was killing me and it was still an hour drive.

Bizarre enough, there is a part two next week. Yesterday they had 250 guests at the reception, and 250 more for the dinner party. Next week there’s another reception with party (no dinner) for 250 more guests, since they couldn’t fit them all in yesterday. So the outfit will be used twice, at least. My niece already asked if she could borrow the whole thing for a party she needs to attend. Of course she can, I’m not gonna wear the hat that often :-p Not gonna go to the hairdresser again and spend another 35 euro once more. So if anyone feels like doing my hair next Friday, you’re welcome !

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