Yay. Not.

What was supposed to be a real holiday weekend, turned out to be a little different. Saturday was quite allright though: the weather was nice, and I played quite a bit with Wolf. At night we took him along to my parents, where we had this wine and cheese dinner with my bro and his gf, her parents, and Bart’s parents. A lovely night was had.
On Sunday, ie. Easter, we drove to my in-laws for this big Easter dinner. Of course we took Wolf along, but also almost all his stuff, cos he was staying there till Tuesday afternoon 🙂 This meant a few days off for Bart and me, in which we had planned a long lie, a sauna trip, restaurant and movies. And another long lie 🙂
The dinner was really nice, yet the two consequent heavy meals got to me, I think, my stomach isn’t used to all this food anymore. Anyway, after dessert I started to feel queasy, and I declined cake and coffee (which is quite exceptional for me). Indeed, a bit later I started to throw up. We left Wolf in the caring hands of his grandparents and drove home. At home, more throwing up, and I went to bed early. So much for our romantic night alone.
Next day we slept till 11, played some PC game together, and confided ourselves to the couch, since Bart didn’t feel too great either. We watched some movies on telly, and cancelled on the whole sauna experience. Later on, we also did cancel the restaurant and had some toast and the likes, easy stuff on the stomach. We couldn’t even get lured off the couch by the movies… 🙁 We then went right to sleep. It was only this morning that we both felt a little more romantic… And now, in about half an hour, we need to leave again to pick up Wolf.

So much for our romantic weekend: we were both sick 🙁

One good thing about it though (although I’m probably dehydrated and need to drink more water): I did lose quite a bit of weight again, instead of gaining over luscious Easter dinners. This morning, I was down to 95.5 kg (210.1 lbs), which means I lost 5 kg (11 lbs) by now. Not bad, huh ?

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