Finally a decent update.

Last week on Tuesday, I started to feel crappy, and developped a terrible headache. Dragged myself through the classes, came home at 4 and lied on the couch for an hour. Left for parent night, and parents were lining up from 6 till 9.30, yay. Felt horrible when I got home, so went to bed. Stayed in bed next day, and on Thursday I called the doctor. Result: a very bad case of sinusitis, for which I had to take antibiotics and some other stuff too. Had to stay in, but really didn’t feel up like walking 100 feet either. I had to let my mom go to the sales in town on this beautiful sunny day all by herself, and she brought back some lovely clothes for Wolf, just like I had asked her to. Cancelled on roleplay that night (which, of course, turned out to be a great session) and stayed home on Friday too. Faust came by for coffee, so that day ended up not being too bad.

Back started aching though on Thursday, and it all got worse and worse. Nevertheless on Saturday I mounted my motorbike and drove into town to fetch LotR: Third Age for the Playstation (gift for Bart) and finally went to the sales too. Mom had spotted a very nice black overcoat (I needed one) and I ended up buying it, along with a very fluffy woollen vest, and a nice chique top for Bart’s dad’s 70th birthday party. Got Wolf another long sleeve too :-), a geeky one. We’re planning to turn him into a geek: PC, roleplay and books. Of course he needs to be cool as well, but that won’t be a problem :-p Of course I went to show off my new aquirements to my fav gay, and he gave his consent.

The entire trip made me feel very accomplished, but killed my back completely. So I spent the rest of the weekend mainly on the couch, leaving Bart to lift the baby all the time.

On Monday I went to school, but in a very stiff, lopsided and limpy way. Was ever so glad to be back home and on the couch after 7 hours of teaching, and so I cancelled a capella lessons that evening. Too bad, since they’re pretty pricey. More teaching and couch on Tuesday, and yesterday I went with Wolf to my parents for the VAT stuff for Netlash (my father being our accountant). Managed to sneak out for a bit to go and buy two nice pairs of trousers for Wolf on sale, and ended up popping in on my grandmother, who just came home the day before from her trip to her sister on Tenerife. She’s 93, and still doesn’t think much of grabbing a plane to go and visit her sister (91) who has an apartment there. She only stayed a month though, cos she was bored.

Today I’m in an exceptionally good mood. Dunno why, but I like it. Back is still aching, but I try to ignore that fact. Already did tons of household chores that were postponed over and over again, like folding up laundry, archiving invoices for Netlash, cleaning up my desk a bit…

And tonight Nephilim roleplay. Yay !

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