No matter how I love spending quality time with my little one, I’ll be glad when school starts again and he can go back to the day care. It means I will have to work again (but I love my job, so…) but also that I will have some time for myself.
One can argue that I have time now too when he’s asleep. It’s just not the same. E.g. I want to hang shelves. I can’t do that while he’s awake, cos I can’t leave him alone for a long time. And I can’t start drilling holes in the room beneath his while he’s asleep, now can I ? And when Bart is taking care of him for 15 mins or so, it’s just not worth it getting all covered up in dust.
Also I will be able to go to the shops without him. Regular grocery shopping is ok, because he can sit in the cart and enjoy watching everyone and everything. I can’t go for smaller things, because when I have to wait in line, he gets bored. Also, he’s getting heavy to sit on my arm (my back doesn’t like that too much) and some shops don’t have enough room for the pram. Also: baby in carseat, me in car, parking, me out of car, baby out of carseat (with all the straps it’s not that simple), open up pram, strap baby in pram, get stuff (like just money from the atm), baby out of pram, baby in car seat, folding up pram, pram in car, me in car. Drive 1 km for like a newspaper: exact same scenario. Takes me longer to get him in and out of the car than to get the actual chore done. Ugh.

But I really love him, no doubt about that !

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