God I love my new aquarium ! It’s high upon a little table now, in plain sight in my own little den that I call my office. Did cost me quite a bit (it’s a new one, the former new one never worked) but now I get to see my prehistoric critters swim at last ! It’s more than double the size of the original one, so yes, I love it !

Other big news in my uninteresting life is that Wolf yesterday crawled for the first time !!! Today, when I picked him up at the daycare, he actually crawled towards me and laughed šŸ™‚ He was ever so cute !!!! He can now wave goodbye as well. He’s growing up so fast…

We just had another Cthulhu session, and we kinda gave up after yet another session of corridors and near-deaths. We now had 112 ghouls after us, who were stopped (kinda, they feasted on them) by 8 goons we brought along. Exit goons of course. Still 98 ghouls left though. No solution to the story, yet we threw in the towel, it would have been pure suicide, as far as we were concerned.
Poor us… Giving up on a cthulhu session, how lame are we… Yet we all love our characters and wanted to save them for the Horror on the Orient Express, to which story this was meant to be a prelude.

Nearly exams too, so the kids at school are being very annoying. No fun days. Three days to go and the exams are there, so lots and lots of correction work coming up, and thus a foul mood. You’re warned !

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