We were watching the points of the Eurovision Song Contest, while I was knitting and falling asleep (luckily not in bed yet) when, all of a sudden, I heard a crack and a sound of water. At first I thought it was the dog drinking, but as it continued, I realised what it was: my aquarium ! I yelled, we both jumped up, and yes, one of the walls had cracked and the water (a mere 90 litres) was gulping out. Bart ran for cloth (dweils), I ran to get the hose I empty the aquarium with, we started damage control. Mind, the thing is in my office, within one meter of all my cables, only separated from my actual running PC by one of the sides of my desk. We managed to empty it pretty quickly, hardly any water reached the cables, and the damage, as far as we can see, is limited. The floor may be wrecked though: hardwood floor. At least we have insurance for all costs over 180 euro.

All hyped up here now, so much for being drowsy already.

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