Had a really nice birthday yesterday šŸ™‚

Got up late after a lot of talking and cuddling and goofing around in bed. Bart gave me his present, and I was even a bit shocked ! Must have cost him more than a month’s wages: a beautiful white golden bracelet with (coincidence he says) 32 diamonds on the front. It is gorgeous…
Bart went to get me ‘koffiekoeken’ (which would more or less translate as pastries or bagels), we read the paper while munching, and I did some general household stuff. Then as per request I made a ton of invoices for the company, got lots of phonecalls, was in game for quite a bit, and got ready for this big fancy dinner. I had promised Bart we’d go out to a well-known restaurant for our wedding anniversary, but by that time I was well pregnant and feeling very sick all the time. No point in wasting good money on a dinner I wouldn’t eat then.
So yesterday, on my birthday, four days after his birthday, I took him out there, and we had a wonderful dinner indeed, in a very nice setting with an excellent service. Doesn’t this sound delicious (sorry, Dutch menu, don’t feel much like translating):
– het Merendrees gelegenheids tripel Gerulfus (9% vol.) bier met degustatie bordje en voor mij vers fruitsap
– Terrine van reepastei en patrijzenpastei met medaillon van ganzenlever en chutney van passievruchten en abrikozen
– Bladerdeegkorfje van kalfszwezeriken en kampernoelies, verfijnd met mousseline
– Intermezzo van mandarijnen sorbet of Een Noordzee garnalen bisque (respectievelijk Bart en ik)
– Inlandse hazenrug in zijn jachtgarnituur, harlekijnsausje
– Gezellige chocoladefantasie
– Mokka, Italiaanse cappuccino of thee en versnaperingen

Bart had wine too with the entire menu, I stuck to water, as usual.

Was really delicious, and I had way too much to eat. Well worth it though. Yep yep, nice birthday. Have to start correcting now urgently, ugh.

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