Somehow I felt very energetic today, so I took on a dirty job that was WAYY overdue: the garage. The working table was piled up a meter high with all kinds of tools, paint, sanding paper, vases… Most of the stuff Bart and Dirk had left just where they found a spot, after they had been working on the new office. I couldn’t find any of my tools anymore šŸ™ Also a complete colony of spiders had taken over the garage as their new habitat, and covered every corner, hole and gap with their dusty webs. Very halloweenesque, but hardly appropriate for an in-house garage, especially since nearly everyone who comes in here on a regular basis uses the back door, which leads them through that same garage. Took me all day, I gathered an entire container of garbage and me myself I was as dusty and filthy as could be, but man, am I proud of that garage now ! Not exactly spotless yet (no intention that way either), but cobwebfree, pretty much dustfree, and most importantly, all things are back where they belong. I can use the table again, there is enough room for my bike to be stalled, washing machine, dryer and freezer are completely clean, and I can find whatever I need.
Good job. Tired now. Really tired now.

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