Just some thoughts…

* Cold is finally receding: I still have a headache and my lips are all raw, but the coughing and sniffing are getting less, and I’m feeling better in general. Hope I’ll be fine soon enough.

* Yesterday one of the colleagues at school, who saw me walking in, said that my belly started to show. It helps when you’re fat, of course, to keep it unnoticed a bit longer, but apparently it is expanding right now. Still can’t feel any movement though.

* Gonna have lunch with Faust tomorrow. Yay, finally !! I hardly see him these days, as he’s still very busy painting and such in his new house. Miss him…

* I love the sound of a roaring and crackling fire !! It was a bit chilly around the house, and most people would light the central heating, but I prefer the warmth of the wood. The warmth is definitely different, and the sounds and light effects are so much better. Mmmm… If only the dog weren’t so scared of the pops and snaps and small bangs the wood makes… Poor Catullus is shivering all over.

* Prunes are good… in so many ways.

* Wanted to give Ambyguity a call, but her phone line is still broken. Grrr !!! Then thought of finally giving Coyote a call, but he forgot to send me his number. Way to go, pal !!! Think I’ll see if Vasa is at home: I’ve always wondered what his voice would sound like, considering the tall handsome guy he is…

* Bart is the greatest šŸ™‚

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