Had a kind of an odd day today. Didn’t sleep well, but was of course fast asleep when the alarm went off. After a very skillful kill of the damned thing, I managed to get up. Urgh. 8.30u. So why so early on a saturday ? Well, our very dear carpenters were FINALLY coming in to work on on the office. Worked all day, installed the little podium thingy and a built-in cupboard. They’ll be coming back in a fortnight to continue.

Played a bit, goofed around a bit, finally got showered and went grocery shopping, and then Faust’s mom came along. She’s an amateur-photographer, and a pretty good one too, and she needed some pictures of a violin player, but in a rather romantic setting. I think the exhibition is called ‘All things bright and beautiful’. Anyway, I dressed up in a long flowing silk skirt, a top with bare shoulders, a long velvet coaty thing, a hat, and of course my violin and my cello. We wanted to take pics at this old ruined abbey, but apparently it was closed, grrr. We moved to an ancient beguinage instead, and took some lovely pics there. She was very pleased, also because it was a bright sunny day with quite a lot of wind, which made my skirt and my hair wave. I’ll post some when I get the digital version of them.

Came home, started cooking and correcting, and just had a very satisfying meal. Yep yep.

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