Hmmm. As I had stated very clearly on the phone Saturday, UPS could pick up the package today between 1 and 3.30. At least, that’s what they promised me, for the zillionth time.

As I came home from school by 12.30, I found a note from UPS that they had been here at 11.30. Hmm. Apparently they don’t like the use of doorbells, cos yesterday Bart and I especially installed a new one that rings in the office, and both our business partner and the stagiair were there at that time, but heard no bell whatsoever.

‘Hello UPS ?’ ‘OH, but that hour limitation wasn’t mentioned here, so the driver has been by already. And that bell ? I wouldn’t know, ma’am.’ ‘Oh, are all of you apparently that incompetent ? Let me tell you the whole story.’ Silence, and then the sound of swallowing. ‘Listen, ma’am, I’ll make sure the driver picks up the package today before 6.00. If you have a moment or two, I’ll write down your entire story and make it an official complaint. Our complaint department will contact you later then. I’m truly deeply sorry.’

I really still need to see that laptop leave the house.

Problem is: if we don’t have it back and working by friday next week, we can’t leave for our holiday, cos Bart really needs that laptop. Nice… BLoody UPS !

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