Puh, had a hell of a week, with a pretty good weekend šŸ™‚

Monday was hurrying already: taught again, went to do grocery shopping, took the cat to the vet to be castrated, visited my mom, cooked and crashed.

Tuesday wasn’t that much better: schoolwork, teaching, correcting, hurriedly cooking, doc at 19.30 (arm is still not the way it should be, at all), visit to a dear friend who is in deep shit. Home by midnight, crashed in bed.

Wednesday: teaching, correcting, drove to my dad to fetch some old radio and transmission gear from the 1920’s, took me a hell of a long time, drove home, had pizza cos I didn’t have time for anything else, visited my mom in hospital, popped in at Faust’s to bring him his espresso coffee, had Tolkien meeting at 20.00, left at 23.00 to go to another friend to bring the radio gear, and since he was in need of a good talk apparently, got home by 2.00.

Thursday: got up by 7.00, taught till 16.00, corrected some, had parental night from 18.00 till 22.00. Good thing I did bring some sandwiches, I would have been starving without them. Actually I had Nephilim roleplay too, but by then I was so tired that I cancelled and crashed at home.

Friday: yay, seeing Harry Potter with 150 twelve-year-olds. Hmmm. That is so NOT fun ! Really tired me out, actually. Drove home at noon to have bread, and found out that Bart felt really bad and even had to vomit. Odd, it all took like 30 mins for him to get a fever, feel bad, turn white and vomit, and another hour to feel well again. Weird. Taught in the afternoon, did visit my mom again, crashed at Faust’s place, hehe. Went to pick up Bart, went out for dinner, and crashed in front of the telly round 10.

Saturday: pretty lazy day, but in the evening I had Angst: a Cthulhu-based one-evening live roleplay, situated in 1933 on Antarctica. Was really cool. Had good fun, was in bed by 5.00 this morning, so I slept long, played some Asheron’s Call, corrected more.
Had forgotten my purse at Angst, so needed to pick it up tonight. Left to get it, remembered it was rehearsal day for the band I might wanna join, so I checked them out. They suck, but it might be good fun. Sprained my ankle in walking to my car, so sat down for a bit to subdue the pain and the nausea, then drove off to get the purse. Everything was still in it, good thing.

Hmmm. Should be correcting some more, but it’s Sunday night 11.00, and I really don’t feel like it anymore. Guess they can wait another day for their tests, now can’t they ?

Goodnight !

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