Today my mom got some minor surgery. All went well, but she felt pretty woozy when I went to visit her. Took her some red roses, she likes those. Heh, was kinda funny, she kept dozing off while I was there, sometimes in the middle of a sentence. Was odd, since usually she’s got very sharp wits.

Also my poor cat, Purper, got ‘done’, i.e. he lost his manhood today. Usually he eats in the morning and then goes outside, but today he had to stay sober and I couldn’t risk to let him out and not getting him back in by four, so he couldn’t get out either. Poor thing, it was the first not-rainy day in weeks, on the contrary, it was one of those lovely bright-sunshiny freezing cold days. In the afternoon I put him in this large cat cage, and man, he was offended ! When I put him in the car, he became frightened as hell: he’s never been in a car before, except the one time when I fetched him from the animal shelter. Off we went, and then off he went, cos it was so cute, seeing him nodding off in spite of all his willpower and fright. And then off his balls went, poor kitten…
Also, yesterday I had noticed a big wound right above his right eye: he must have gotten into a fight once more, and got hurt. It was all swollen and nasty, even tho the wound itself had closed. I asked the vet to take a look at that too, and indeed, it was kinda filled with pus. Vet opened it up and cleaned it, and left it open for the cat to clean himself. Purper was too drowsy tho when we got home, so Catullus (our labrador retriever) did that job for him. It was so cute: this big dog asking my attention to look after the cat: it was as if he tried to say: ‘Hey, can’t you see ? There’s something wrong with my buddy. I try to lick him, but he won’t react, and he’s got a wound too that needs cleaning, so I’ll do it for him.’
Dog was indeed being very protective. I’m glad tho that Purper isn’t mad at me: Sander, my previous cat, wouldn’t look at me for days on end because I had dared to take him to the vet and do that to him.
Purper already purred in my arms a while ago, so I think he won’t hold a grudge against me šŸ™‚

All in all, a pretty busy first working day again.

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