Heh (insert sigh of relief here)

Finally got that correction over and done with. Cost me 50 hours, and lots and lots of them, mostly the fourth graders, have failed. šŸ™ God they pissed me off ! Why on earth can’t they study ? It’s Latin, for crying out loud, they’re supposed to study! Made me feel so bad the last couple of days… Even thought about quitting the teaching thing, if these are the only results I get. Grrrrr !

On another note: I’m a redhead again šŸ™‚ Really like it, me happy girl about that.

The office on the top floor is coming along nicely too, lots of work still, but hey, it looks great. Will be such a good change, when Bart has his own office up there, and I get my place down here. Much more logical, and lots more peace. Good thing indeed.

Another very positive thing: my hairdresser gave me a brilliant idea for a gift for my mom. Gonna get her a big cheque for nice lingerie, the kind that you wouldn’t buy for yourself cos it’s too expensive :-), then gonna get that cheque canned, so it looks like an ordinary can. Yep yep, happy girl here too.

Oh, Nihil: would you be so kind as to give us a hand this weekend to move some furniture ? I can’t take the weight šŸ™ and I REALLY want my desk installed…

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