Yesterday was, as opposed to today, a really crappy day !!! I keep forgetting on a Larp that I’m not 20 anymore: only slept about 5 hours over the weekend, so I was tired as hell yesterday, literally. I managed to get up at 7.30, was at school at 8.30, started teaching, without much of a voice. I did warn all classes: I felt sick, tired, had a headache, and the lack of voice pissed me off majorly. They behaved.

In the afternoon tho, after another hour of teaching, I stood up (apparently I had developed a fever by then) to write the agenda on the blackboard, and my head started spinning. All became black, I had an outburst of cold sweat, and the students said I was very very pale. Nearly fainted there. Being too stubborn to give up tho (it was my very own fault after all), I managed to stay another hour and take a test. The students were even concerned about me driving my car. God, I must have looked awful !

Anyway, made it home, slept a little, watched some telly, corrected some, slept long. Definitely feel better already. Luckily.

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