Listen, I have a LJ to keep in touch with my friends, and to spill my emotions and thoughts in a rather impersonal way.
I AM SICK OF THE DRAMA ! To be honest, I don’t give a fuck whether one of you is a pedophile, and another is just a egocentric bastard, and another can’t stop moaning. I started frequenting the NYCgoth chat about 4 years ago, and I met some wonderful people there. With Cliff not always being the grown up he claims to be, the atmosphere in there wasn’t always too great, so I popped in the new OhMyGoth to see if it was any better. Originally I thought it was, but after a while it turned out to be exactly what it said it despised: another copy of NYCGothchat. Little difference tho: less drama in the latter, since a lot of people in there are older and a little more mature. That is why I returned there…
But now I’m seriously contemplating not visiting either anymore, as long as this vendetta keeps going. I’ve had it. I get teenage drama all day at school, I don’t need some adolescent behaviour in my free time. So would you please STOP annoying the hell out of everyone ? IF you don’t like someone else, leave that person alone. It’s the net, you can’t force anyone in frequenting this or that chat.

Oh, and if need be: both chats are very easily shut down due to formal complaints of cybersex. Very easily, if you know the right persons. Belgium is rather sensitive when it comes to illegal porn. And since on both chats there are under aged people….

Heh, this solution would sure stop the drama šŸ™‚

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